Volkswagen Unveils Long-Wheelbase ID Buzz: A Modern Reincarnation of the Iconic Samba Bus



Volkswagen has recently revealed the long-wheelbase version of the ID Buzz, an electric 7-seat MPV. This new model is described as a contemporary revival of the beloved Samba bus. The prominent van features a rear-wheel-drive system and will be the first Volkswagen vehicle to showcase an upgraded 286hp rear electric motor. Additionally, it boasts a larger 85kWh battery and the biggest panoramic glass sunroof ever produced by the German manufacturer.

Enhancements in Design and Battery Options

The long-wheelbase ID Buzz has witnessed a 250mm increase in its wheelbase compared to the regular model. The additional space accommodates two battery options: 77kWh and 85kWh. Furthermore, Volkswagen is working on a more potent GTX all-wheel-drive variant.

Design and Dimensions of the Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB

With a length of 4,962mm, the LWB version is 250mm longer than the standard ID Buzz that was launched in 2022. The elongation is achieved by extending the wheelbase from 2,989mm to 3,239mm. The Volkswagen ID Buzz LWB retains the retro-inspired aesthetic of its counterpart, albeit with stretched proportions. In markets where regulations permit, the front of the van features an illuminated VW logo.

Interior Features of the VW ID Buzz LWB

Buyers of the LWB model can choose from three different interior configurations: a 5-seater, a 6-seater, and a 7-seater with a two-plus-three-plus-two layout. The 5-seat variant offers a nominal luggage space of 1,340 litres, which is 219 litres more than the standard-wheelbase ID Buzz. In the 7-seat configuration, the luggage space reduces to 306 litres.

The cabin showcases a new 12.9-inch central Infotainment display, replacing the previous 10-inch screen. The touch-sensitive sliders for air conditioning and audio volume now feature illumination for easier adjustments at night. Additionally, the panoramic sunroof incorporates an electronically controlled liquid-crystal function, allowing the slider controller in the headliner to switch between transparent and opaque states.

Powertrain Specifications of the VW ID Buzz LWB

Initially, the ID Buzz LWB will be available in a rear-wheel-drive configuration with a peak torque of 560Nm and 286hp. Although the exact kerb weight is yet to be revealed, Volkswagen claims a 0-100kph time of 7.9 seconds and a top speed limited to 160kph. Customers can opt for either a 77kWh or 85kWh battery, both capable of 11kW AC and 200kW DC charging. Official energy consumption and range figures are yet to be disclosed.

Future Plans and Potential Market

Volkswagen has plans to introduce the top-of-the-line ID Buzz GTX with four-wheel drive and a long wheelbase by 2024. This variant will offer up to 360hp and achieve a 0-100kph time of 6.4 seconds. Volkswagen intends to sell the ID Buzz LWB in traditional markets such as the US and Canada, which do not receive the standard-wheelbase ID Buzz.

Prospects for the ID Buzz in India

While there are no immediate plans to bring the ID Buzz to India, Volkswagen's first ID model in the country will be the ID.4 SUV, which has undergone extensive testing. The India launch of the ID.4 is awaiting approval from Volkswagen's global headquarters. Ashish Gupta, brand director at VW India, has expressed confidence that the ID.4 will eventually arrive in India, stating, "it's a matter of when and not if."


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