Fiat Topolino: Fiat's Electric Quadricycle Inspired by Heritage


Fiat continues its journey towards electrification with the introduction of the Fiat Topolino, an electric quadricycle based on the Citroen Ami. This vehicle not only pays homage to Fiat's rich heritage but also represents another significant step in its push towards electric mobility. Serving as Fiat's second electric vehicle (EV) following the 500e, the Topolino draws inspiration from the iconic city car produced by Fiat from 1936 to 1955. Its design aims to capture the essence and "coolness" of the original Fiat 500. Let's delve deeper into the details of the Fiat Topolino.

Fiat Topolino Design:

The Fiat Topolino showcases a captivating design. It is presented in a teal color reminiscent of the Fiat 500 when it made its debut in 1957. The quadricycle features a retractable brown cloth roof, cream leather upholstery, and open sides, reminiscent of the beloved beach-ready 500 Jolly. Emphasizing sustainability and aiming to reignite the passion for cars among young people, the Topolino combines environmentally friendly features with an infusion of joy, optimism, and fun in its production principles.

Fiat Topolino Drivetrain:

The Fiat Topolino shares its drivetrain with the compact Citroen Ami and the Opel Rocks-e, which are technically identical models. With a top speed limited to 45kph, the Topolino offers a range of up to 74km. Fiat envisions the two-seater quadricycle to contribute to the promotion of electric cars in urban environments and among young families, aligning with its commitment to provide sustainable transportation accessible to all.

Fiat's Future Plans:

Fiat has set its sights on achieving an all-electric lineup by 2027. Olivier Fran├žois, CEO of Fiat, emphasized the company's firm belief in electric mobility for Europe, stating, "We're decisively betting on electric for Europe. We will ramp up with electric versions on every new car and at some point make a switch. Fiat should be the people's Tesla: electric for all." By committing to electric vehicles, Fiat aims to deliver innovative and accessible transportation solutions that cater to the needs of a broad range of consumers.


With the Fiat Topolino, Fiat embraces its heritage while driving forward with electric mobility. This electric quadricycle not only pays tribute to the iconic Fiat 500 but also demonstrates Fiat's commitment to sustainable transportation. By targeting an all-electric lineup by 2027, Fiat aims to provide environmentally friendly vehicles that appeal to a wide range of customers. The Fiat Topolino serves as a symbol of Fiat's dedication to innovation, sustainability, and a future where electric cars are accessible to everyone.


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