Clean View and Simple Design: Spy Shots Reveal Himalayan 450 Speedometer



The highly anticipated Himalayan 450 from Royal Enfield has been generating a lot of buzz in the motorcycle community. Test mules of the new model have been spotted across various locations in India and overseas. Automotive enthusiast Nitesh from Chennai has shared exclusive spy shots, giving us a clear view of the Himalayan 450's speedometer. In this article, we delve into the details of the speedo design and discuss the upcoming bike's features and performance.

Himalayan 450 Launch and Rivals:

The launch of the Himalayan 450 is expected later this year, possibly in September. It is likely to make its debut at the 2023 EICMA event. Priced between Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh, the bike will compete against formidable rivals such as the KTM 390 Adventure, BMW G310GS, and Yezdi Adventure.

Himalayan 450 Speedometer Details:

The Himalayan 450 boasts a clutter-free cockpit with its speedometer console. Unlike the current Himalayan 411 model, which features multiple dials, the 450 version has all the instrumentation packed into a single, circular-shaped console. The console, slightly larger than the round rear-view mirrors, is estimated to have a diameter of 4 to 6 inches. The RPM gauge is positioned towards the outer circumference, while the gear position indicator and speedometer are centrally displayed. Additional information, including the fuel indicator and trip meter, is likely to be shown on the digital screen.

Optimal Visibility and Practical Design:

The speedometer console of the Himalayan 450 is angled at approximately 60°-70°, providing riders with a clear view without compromising their focus on the road. The console is also mounted higher using brackets, ensuring that a quick glance is sufficient to read the information without completely diverting attention from the road. Royal Enfield has made a wise choice by opting for a simple and practical design for the speedometer, compared to the multi-dial setup of the existing Himalayan 411 model.

Connectivity Features and Performance:

The Himalayan 450 speedometer is expected to come equipped with Bluetooth-based connectivity features. As for performance, the new model will be powered by a liquid-cooled engine paired with a 6-speed gearbox. It is projected to deliver approximately 30 bhp of maximum power and 40 Nm of peak torque, surpassing the current Himalayan 411's output of 24.31 PS and 32 Nm. The increased power and torque of the Himalayan 450 will address performance concerns reported by some users of the current model and position it as a stronger competitor against the likes of the KTM 390 Adventure.

Other Noteworthy Features:

Apart from the speedometer, the Himalayan 450 will offer several other notable features. These include LED lighting, a tall windscreen, stubby exhaust, USD front forks, and a rear monoshock suspension. The bike is also expected to have a longer wheelbase, which improves cross-wind protection and enhances straight-line stability. Additionally, a smaller front wheel may be incorporated to cater to shorter riders, as the current Himalayan model comes with a standard 21-inch front wheel.


The spy shots of the Himalayan 450's speedometer reveal a clean and user-friendly design. With a clutter-free cockpit and a single console displaying all the essential information, Royal Enfield has prioritized practicality and ease of use. As we await the official launch later this year, enthusiasts can look forward to experiencing the improved performance, connectivity features, and other exciting elements that the Himalayan 450 will bring to the adventure motorcycle segment.

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