Ampere electric scooters prices hiked by up to Rs 39,000



Ampere Electric, one of the leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers in India, has successfully maintained its sales numbers and remains eligible for the FAME-II subsidy, distinguishing itself from its counterparts, Hero Electric and Okinawa. However, with the subsidy reduction now in effect, Ampere Electric has adjusted the prices of its products accordingly.

Please note that all prices mentioned below are ex-showroom, Delhi and include the FAME-II subsidy.

Revised Prices of Ampere E-Scooters

Ampere Zeal EX: The Zeal EX, known for its affordability, has experienced a price hike of Rs 20,900. The current price of this model stands at Rs 1,04,900. The Zeal EX offers a claimed IDC range of '80-100' km on a single charge.

Ampere Magnus EX: Positioned as a mid-tier offering, the Magnus EX now carries a price tag of Rs 1,04,900, reflecting an increase of Rs 21,000. Similar to the Zeal EX, the Magnus EX boasts a claimed IDC range of '80-100' km.

Ampere Primus: The Primus, which marks Ampere's first in-house offering and utilizes a LFP battery, has witnessed a significant price adjustment. It now commands a price of Rs 1.49 lakh, indicating a substantial hike of nearly Rs 40,000 compared to its earlier price of Rs 1.09 lakh.

Ampere's Consistent Sales Performance

Ampere Electric has consistently secured its position among the top five EV manufacturers in terms of sales figures. The brand's dedication to providing reliable and affordable electric scooters has contributed to its sustained success in the market. To delve deeper into Ampere Electric's remarkable sales performance, you can read more by clicking here.

As Ampere Electric continues to cater to the growing demand for electric mobility solutions in India, it strives to maintain its commitment to quality and innovation. With its revised prices, Ampere Electric aims to provide customers with access to efficient and eco-friendly transportation options while remaining competitive in the evolving EV market.


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