Zen Mobility Introduces Micro Pod: India's First Cargo Electric Three-Wheeler



Zen Mobility launches Micro Pod EV

Zen Mobility, an electric vehicle startup based in Manesar, has unveiled its latest offering for the Indian market - the Micro Pod. This purpose-built cargo electric three-wheeler is aimed at the last-mile delivery sector and is available in two variants: the R5x and R10x. With a maximum payload capacity of 150 kilograms, the Micro Pod surpasses the load-carrying capacity of conventional two-wheelers by over 2.5 times, according to the company's claims.

Efficient Power Consumption and Fast Charging

The Micro Pod stands out with its impressive power efficiency. It utilizes only 4 units of power, making it highly economical to operate. Moreover, the vehicle can be fully charged in just 1.5 to 2 hours, allowing for quick turnaround times. The lightweight technology employed by Zen Mobility enables the Micro Pod to generate the same output with less motor power, resulting in lower battery costs and reduced cost-per-delivery for businesses.

Smart Cargo Storage and Advanced Fleet Management

Designed to meet the diverse needs of the delivery market, the Micro Pod features a distinctive cargo box equipped with shelves, refrigerated boxes, open tubs, and more. This ensures efficient storage and organization of goods during transportation. Additionally, Zen Mobility's patented drivetrain and vehicle telematics offer advanced fleet management capabilities, including vehicle tracking, charge monitoring, geofencing, and remote locking. These features enhance operational efficiency and provide greater control over the delivery process.

Flexible Leasing Options and Massive Production Capacity

To cater to different business requirements, the Micro Pod is available for monthly lease or rental agreements. The fees range up to Rs 9,999, depending on factors such as lease type, tenure, and specific considerations. Zen Mobility has already received an order book of 10,000 units, indicating strong market demand. To meet this demand, the company has established a manufacturing plant with an annual production capacity of 1 lakh units. Mass production is scheduled to commence in June 2023.

Zen Mobility's Micro Pod presents a game-changing solution for the last-mile delivery sector in India. With its enhanced load capacity, efficient power consumption, and smart features, this cargo electric three-wheeler promises to streamline delivery operations while reducing costs and environmental impact.


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