BMW Explores AI for Designing Next-Generation Luxury Cars



BMW, the renowned automobile manufacturer, is reportedly delving into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) to explore the potential of utilizing AI in the design process of its upcoming luxury cars. While BMW doesn't plan to replace human creativity with AI in the near future, the brand recognizes the possibilities that AI brings. The company sees AI as a tool that can assist in processing key design elements, offering innovative ideas and accelerating the design process.

BMW's Experimentation with AI in Design

According to a report in TopGear, BMW's design boss, Adrian van Hooydonk, revealed that the company is currently experimenting with AI in various design aspects. For instance, in wheel design, the AI system can be programmed with specific parameters, such as the desired spoke count, weight, and rim size. Based on these inputs, computer-generated AI can generate a multitude of design ideas and concepts.

Human Direction in the Design Process

While AI aids in generating design proposals, Hooydonk emphasizes the continued importance of human involvement in the design process. As the art director, the human designer plays a critical role in selecting and refining the generated proposals. The human touch ensures that the final design aligns with BMW's creative vision and brand identity. The computer-generated ideas are valuable for their speed and ability to combine parameters effectively, but human guidance remains vital.

AI Limitations in Designing Entirely New Models

Considering the question of whether AI can completely design new models, Hooydonk expresses scepticism. Existing renderings of models rely on a harmonious blend of various design elements, resulting in a familiar and recognizable appearance. AI, as it stands, may struggle to generate radically unique concepts in terms of aesthetics. Therefore, the involvement of human designers is crucial to introduce fresh perspectives and original design concepts.


BMW's exploration of AI in the design process signifies the brand's willingness to leverage technology to enhance creativity and efficiency. While AI currently assists in generating design proposals and ideas, human designers continue to play a pivotal role in refining and selecting the final designs. The potential of AI in the automotive industry remains an exciting prospect, and BMW's experiments highlight the ongoing quest for innovation in luxury car design.


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